Enjoy the songs from Scary, Scary Night – The Musical , listed in the order in which they appear in the play.

01 Sad Scary Circus Clowns

02 If You Want Spooky

03 Beautiful Lady

04 If I Fall in Love

05 The Milk of Human Kindness

06 If I Ever Catch a Break

07 A Nicer Place

08 A Small French Cafe

09 Our Favorite Ghosts

10 Trick or Treat

11 Chase Your Dream

12 Dance of the Corpses

13 Funeral Hymn

14 The Home of My Boyhood Days

15 You Have Such a Wonderful Face

16 A Whole Lot of Crazy

17 Only Once an Hour or So

18 You Think You’re so Clever

19 You Really Should Keep Count

20 Sad Scary Circus Clowns – Reprise

21 Celebration – Finale

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