Derek Hyde isn’t tingling with undiluted joy that the spookiest old mansion in town is about to become the Hyde Funeral Home & Used Coffin Outlet. Especially since he has to live there with his adoptive mortician parents, Jack and Formalda.

Of course, being driven in the family hearse to his first day at middle school doesn’t exactly add whipped cream to his broccoli.

As if things couldn’t get more horrific, an evil classmate named Nussbaum attacks him in the cafeteria with a plate of beef stroganoff. Seems this kid loved living in the old mansion himself, but got yanked out after accidentally blowing up his own mom and dad. With his chemistry set. Now his dead parents are stuck as ghosts and Nussbaum is a foster kid stuck on revenge, vowing to get even with Derek’s family for taking over his haunted home.

If twelve-year-old Derek can’t live in a nice place (preferably without any blood-curdling apparitions that scare the pants off him and a classmate bent on ensuring he doesn’t make it to thirteen), he’ll have to run away. Far, far away.

DEREK HYDE KNOWS SPOOKY WHEN HE SEES IT is a 41,000-word MG ghost story with series potential that kids might actually buy, if only books by Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl weren’t so famous.

I’m a member of SCBWI and the South Bay Writers Club, graduate of the University of Maryland with a BA in English Lit and author of 14 tech books published by Bantam, Simon & Schuster and other top publishers. I’m also a poet, playwright, musician, composer, inventor, entrepreneur and chief cook & bottle washer.

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Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards (Funny Poems for Kids)

If you like laugh-out-loud funny, not to mention offbeat, quirky and slightly wacky, you NEED this book.

Get your copy of the funniest 5-star collection of rib-tickling poems and cartoons since Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends!

Grab your ticket to the wondrous world of the whimsically weird. In this illustrated collection of sidesplitting kid’s poems, you’ll find out why we’re throwing the pumpkin away, how we’re selling father’s moustache, when little sister got elephant ears, where little brother got glued, and what’s important about knee joints. What’s more, you’ll meet Cantankerous Stan, the Garbage Man; Hairy Carrie the Bearded Lady; The Wizard who looked like a Lizard; and the Grumbly Grump of Nottingham Dump!

This delightful collection of illustrated poems is surprising, inventive, kooky and—most of all—hilarious.

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Recipient of the Readers’ Favorite Five Stars Award and Winner of the 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest:

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The Lady Who Lost_SHADOW_2The Lady Who Lost Her Voice_TextSHAWDOW

 The Lady Who Lost Her Voice  (Currently Unpublished, looking for an agent or publisher)



Ledger Demain and the Awesome Umbrella (A Work in Progress)

Winner of the #Pg70Pit pitchwar in July, 2016, code name “Smiles Returning to the Faces”

My brother, Ledger, doesn’t know I’m writing this, ‘cause  if he did, he’d probably stop me.

It’s not that he’s humble or anything (that’s for sure!), it’s just that he gets so embarrassed. Like he always got embarrassed by our dad’s weird inventions, and then because our dad’s bookstore Walden Pondering was going under so he almost had to declare bankruptcy.  But I think that’s dumb. We did save the bookstore after all. Well, actually, Ledger did most of the saving.

It all started when our Granddad Dexter showed up, all excited to tell us about his Sunsoakers, these plants he was developing that grow batteries.

See, he wanted to do something really useful to fight global warming (and make a billion dollars!), but some bad guys blew up his lab and almost killed him.

So he decided to hide out at Camp Eureka (that’s an inventor’s camp for kids), pretending to be a camp counselor while he finished his project in secret. And he offered to take us with him for the summer.  (Yay!)

But first we had to get there. That was when… [-more-]

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  1. I use West Bow Press for my publishing needs. They did all three of my books now.

    You work above is impressive! Very funny, too. Check out my website listed on your form above, and my books on or Glad you are on board!
    Mary Martsching middle-grade author

    1. Hi Mary, I really appreciate your encouraging words about my work and for your kind welcome! I’ll check out your books and publisher at as you suggested. Thanks so much for your reply!

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